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Al Khor - Qatar

The city of Al Khor is located on Qatar's eastern coast. Al Khor means 'bay', as the city is situated on a 3km-long inlet.

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Al Rayyan - Qatar

Al Rayyan is a city that is passionate about sports, particularly soccer. It's technically the second largest city in Qatar.

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Al Wakrah - Qatar

Al Wakrah is located just south of Doha, and has an abundance of historic architecture. Perhaps its most popular attraction is Al Wakrah Souq.

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Doha - Qatar

Doha combines civilisation and tradition and is known for its many mosques, towers and forts, such as the Doha Fort and Barzan Towers.

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Lusail - Qatar

Lusail is a planned city that's still in development, approximately 15 kilometers (10 miles) north of Doha.

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